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Biology Common Test

Today is Biology Common Test and *oh my god* it is really horrible…

Luckily I memorised about the part of cheese-making (which the question took up 8 marks upon 50! *That was a lot!) and Benji (Benjamin) nearly killed me as he is jealous about what I studies is out in the exams.

Lu Jie kept smilling over the recess, and our classmates blasted him for knowing everything and answering the questions perfectly! This is inevitable, as he is a cyborg.

Wayne seemed to be frustrated, and so do Jiayi (including Benjamin!), for not studying about the cheese-making part. Instead, almost the whole class missed out to study the miserable small paragraph about cheese-making.

Hence during Biology Lesson my classmates kept mourning “Cheeeeeeeeeese!!!” in front of Mr Goh.

Okay, today is mainly about this… I really do not want to recall what I’ve written on the paper!

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