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Horrible Encounter

Okay now, no more ghost stories and bonechilling movies. Let me tell you about my horrible encounter with a woman on Friday.

It was a Friday morning when the sun shines warmly and the birds chirping sweetly. Then me and my mom went to the old-time sewing serveice shop to somehow edit my pants (because there too WIDE for me to wear. *I am very skinny*). Unlike what the lady assured that her shop is OPEN on the phone just now (as we rang up before going, duh!), the shop was CLOSED!

Because we were in a great hurry (we’ve got to rush back for lunch before the traffic outside gets congested, or not we would have to starve all the way home…), so my mom knocked the door.

“Pop, pop, pop.”

No one responded inside. So she made another attempt.

“Pop, pop, pop.”

No response.

So I was quite frustrated, then I banged the door.

“Bang, bang bang!”

Then we heard a woman screaming inside.

“Coming loh! What’s your problem! Knock so hard for what? Har? Crazy har?”

Then the door flung open. We saw a firece-looking 18 year-old lady rushing down the stairs.

“Crazy ah?” She shouted at us, who were stunned.

“Why knock so loud?! Want to break the door har?!” Obviously she was throwing her tantrum at us.

Then we turned our back to her and went off, without muttering a word.

“She crazy,” I said in anger.

“Yeah…” replied my mother.

So… such a horrrible encounter with a 18 year-old b*tch.

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