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Hospital Holiday

Okay, what’s up about “hospital holiday”? Let me tell you the truth… indeed, I was really admitted to the hospital! Let me tell you what happens…

Firstly, I got a terrible headache on Sunday, after taking my little brother to the movies for “Spiderman II”. Thanks to the director for all the swinging-in-the-city actions, I got somehow a seroius headache because of dizzyness.

Then on Monday, when it was school-day (duh!), I vomitted a couple of times (which made me tearing all the day) and so “ta-da!”, I went dehydrated, so I left school quite early and headed for the clinic. That’s not the serious part yet.

Tuesday I felt even more groggy, so I went to the same doctor again. She stuffed me with some medicine and then I went back to the boarding school.

Wednesday I had a high fever and kept moaning and groaning on bed. So I called up my mom. She suggested me to go home for some rest.

Thursday I went home. On the bus I missed school-day a lot a lot more than usual.

It’s a sunny Friday when I was actually ADMITTED to the hospital. Without any prior notice the doctor slowly placed a needle in the vein in my right hand(while other doctor do it quick and fast), which made me screamed my heart out.

In the ward my vein was dripped with glucose and my whole right hand cold and paralysed, which left my right hand immobile for two-and-a-half days.

The food in the hospital was really horrible. Porridge for every meal and no vege no fruits. Aww my god! I was really bored, so I wanted to walk around… but thanks to the dripping machine (which is so heavy and bulky), I was forced to stay in bed!

Friday night was really scary. Due to shortage of multi-patient wards, I was forced to stay in a single-patient ward. I was so energetic that I watched The Amazing Race, American Idol and another 2 hours crappy movie, which only then hypnotised me.

Saturday afternoon the doctor said I was okay to be discharged, so I went home. Phew!

Today is sunday, great! Coz I can get some rest (at last)!

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