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Project Sucks

Due to the oncoming Project’s Day, I have to use up my entire precious Saturday for Project work! And there goes my weekend!

For the whole day I spent 11 solid hours (8am to 12pm, 2pm to 6pm, 8pm tp 11pm) for my Project, named Plant Tissue Culture.

Mr Goh went extremely sacarstic today. So my group members and I spent ages to modify our ways and types of presentation, and it was really very tiring, duh! We returned to our rooms at 11 pm and we are extremely exhausted! Phew!

Today morning I had to wake up very early (about 7.30 am, while other can sleep through the morning) in order to reach the Biology Learning & Research Centre at 8.00 am sharp (or else Mr Goh will kill us all)…

In the afternoon we still have to go to his room (in the boarding school) to do our project, and even after dinner, while everyone went shopping elsewhere, we still have to stay back! Oh dear!

After a series of mental torturing, I am finnaly allowed to rest… When I reached my room, my friend was shocked.

“Oh my Terry, finally you’re here! Where have you been for the whole day?”

And my response is,

“Thanks to Mr Goh!”

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