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Stormy Thursday

Today is quite a stromy day, duh, because literally, today’s weather doesn’t seem to be nice and tend to screw up all outdoor activites (but today I do not have P.E. Lessons!). So the weather is somehow irritating, although some morons in the class cheered for no outdoor-activites-day…

Here is today’s timetable:
1. Chinese
2. Chinese (Double Chinese, Aw…)
3. Chemistry
4. Recess
5. Biology
6. Physics
7. Recess
8. English
9. English (Double English, again, Aw…)
10. Lunch Time
11. Maths
12. Maths (Double Maths, again and again, Aw…)

The bad news is today Miss Wun (my Maths teacher) will be starting lessons immediately after the Double English lesson conducted by Ms Kalavathi (and this make today very STORMY). Luckily I have had my early lunch sometime in the late morning, so I won’t attend Maths Lessons with a gastric pain in my tummy.

Worse still, for Maths today Ms Wun is teaching a new topic on logarithm, which made everybody puzzled and confused. She seemed to be rushing through the lines (as she promised that she’ll do it as fast as possible) and we get even MORE confused. Luckily she released us at 2.40pm, so that we have ample time to digest the topic.

Another typical rush-through-the-lines lesson is Chemistry. Mr Tan introduced us ionic bonding, which requires lots of memory work… duh. Everybody is tired of following up and he got somehow tired too… haha. Luckily it isn’t double Chemistry!

My classmate Tristan is going for the PESA Competition in YMCA (remember the song “Y,M,C,A”?) and Ms Kala wanted us to go there and support him. Seeing that it is NOT compulsory to go there, I choose to return to the boarding school to do my ACE Projects.

Although stormy, but I enjoyed to be in school today as I got another chance to sabotage Johnathan Kee… haha. Edward poured a cupful of water on his table and I scribbled on his foolscap, while Benjamin went somewhere else to hide his pencil box. That’s all for today’s Johnathan Kee Sabotage Session.

It has been stormy all the day and I think it’s time to unplug the LAN Cable – as I am worried about a lightning strike that would ruin my S$2500 laptop.

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