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ACE is down, free SPACE is up!

Today… another tiring day of me in school. Besides of cut-the-crap lessons and loads of assignments, today I’ve got a new item in my to-hate list – Maths Test!

Nothing more than functions, permutations and combinations, this Maths Test covers no more stuff. However, studying and preparing myself well enough to passs these topics is really *phew* tiring!

Yesterday night I spent 2 solid hours just studying Maths with my roomate, but my panic today morning left my brain totally blank! Luckily my rusty brain do rang some bells during the test, so I can have something to fill up the aweful spaces…

Today’s assembly is a fun one – our dear principal, Mr Hon has reduced the number of ace points from 20% to 15%, which made us feel more comfortable!

I’ve been noticing that violent objections and debates around the ACE Point gauging for the year… and at last, everything is settled. So, I can pay more concentration on my ACE Points!

Kenn Siang just bought a new Apple laptop and during the night he accidentally came across a wireless network provider which actually allow blue-tooth users to access the net without any cost!

Hope that ACE Points help me to ACE in my studies!

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