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Ms Wun’s Nightmare

To be brief:

We saw a bug (looks like a bee, but not a bee, but resembles a bee, but scientifically NOT a bee!) on the teachers table.

So it was Maths lesson and Ms Wun walked in.

She screamed. *Oh my! That was LOUD!!!*

She was scared out of her soul – she wanted us to remove the bug.

We people who are lablled as “sadistic morons” squashed the bug with a glass panel.

*White and yellow liquid ozzing out… YUCKS!!!*

Miss Wun said, “Get rid of the liquid too!” *That was the real disgusting part…*

Then we did… and we had our Maths lesson peacefully…

Oh, something to note… I nearly expereinced a heart seizure today morning at about 6.00am. Wow, just a glaring flash and the lightning went “KA – BOOOOM” for which I screamed my heart out. Phew!

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