Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.


A200 and me.

A200 and me.

Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites. I have been taking photographs since I was in Secondary 3, when I got my very first, manual-focus camera. Since then, I’ve worn out one Pentax Optio digital camera and then immediately moved on to getting a Sony Alpha dSLR to further pursue my interest in photography. Oh, and I do some design work occasionally as well. During my free time, I tinker with WordPress just for the fun of it.

After living in for twelve years in my home country, I moved to Singapore to pursue further education alone. It was indeed a scary experience, to step into a land completely foreign to you. I arrived at the sunny, tropical island of Singapore in 2002. I am currently a university graduate – oh boy, time flies – and is currently studying in NTU.

I also keep a portfolio on Blogger just for the fun of it. Check it out?

Photography | Top

The fields of photography I am interested in include infrared photograhy, HDR imaging and panorama stitching. Of course, I still do the normal thing that photographers do – which is just to take photos and get it done with, but that’s the least I have in mind now.

I’m not very good at portraits yet, with lots of skills and techniques that I am yet to pick up. I do cover events for the university clubs and societies that I join, and those photoshoots are invaluable experiences to me.

Click on the thumbnails to reveal the higher resolution of the photo in a modal lightbox window:

Corkscrew + Sunset = Awesomeness

Corkscrew + Sunset = Awesomeness

Splashing, splashing water.

Splashing, splashing water.

I'm tired, mom.

I'm tired, mom.

Skyscraper against the blue sky.

Skyscraper against the blue sky.

Flying coaster after the barrel roll.

Flying coaster after the barrel roll.

At The Palette. Look at the yummylicious lunch meal set!

At The Palette. Look at the yummylicious lunch meal set!

For more photos, you can visit the gallery, the ‘Photography’ category or my Flickr photostream.

Design | Top

In my free time, I tinker around with photoshop and try out online tutorials to improve my skills in graphic design. I’d rank my skills as an amateur, since I’m not particularly good at it yet (I’ve known 15-year-olds churning out God-like works, heh!)

Spirograph - Colour synthesis

Spirograph - Colour synthesis

Design - You know it's not unintentional.

Design - You know it's not unintentional.

teddY-risatioN™ | Top

I started blogging on the 1st of July, 2004. It was quite out of a blue – I stumbled upon my friend registering for an account on Blogger and I asked him what was that about. Blog sounds so unfamiliar to me back then – what should I write, who should read what I will be writing? So I started off writing generally everything about my schooling experience, which can be quite boring to you. I joined several blog networking sites, got to know a few webfriends.

When this blog turned one, I pleaded my parents to get me a domain name, and they did – teddy-o-ted.com. It was my idea though, stemmed from my pseudonym teddY. Later the blog name changed to teddY-risatioN but I was already too involved to switch domain.

Now I’ve found my niche in blogging – generally writing about Photoshop and CSS design, publishing my photos, and occasionally writing little tutorials about Photoshop and CSS. Oh, and I usually create a new WordPress theme for my blog every year. It’s turning into something like an annual ritural for me.

WordPress themes | Top

I’m sorry to say this but my themes are not available because they are very highly customised for my own use (sometimes I just hardcode links into the theme file without using standard php experssions recommended by WordPress codex). I always try to make my designs XHTML and CSS valid.

  • teddY-risatioN Eta

    teddY-risatioN™ Eta » Theme #9
    teddY-risation™ Eta marks the end of the inheritance of basic layout and typography from previous themes. The typography was designed ground-up, so was for the layout. I’ve tried my best to make this theme as minimalistic as promised – this theme comes with simpler colours as well as less number of graphics. I’ve drawn inspirations of numerous designer websites, portfolios as well as many other CSS galleries on the Internet prior to starting work on the design.

  • teddY-risatioN Zeta

    teddY-risatioN™ Zeta » Theme #8
    This theme is released two days after that of teddY-risatioN™ Epsilon. I realised that the minimalist design doesn’t go down quite well with me because I prefer a more detailed and complicated theme rather than a pale, bland one. This is my first theme that makes use of alpha transparency in PNG graphic. A fix is also imported through the stylesheet to ensure that IE5.5+ do not render the transparency wrongly.

  • teddY-risatioN Epsilon

    teddY-risatioN™ Epsilon » Theme #7
    My first attempt to create a theme that leverages on minimalist design. The most lightweight theme I’ve created so far, teddY-risatioN™ Epsilon uses subtle gradients and simple background to spice up the visual aspect of the theme. By opting for text-based header navigation, browsing through different pages is made easier without complicated graphics. Heavily modified from the original Sandbox v1.5.2 WordPress theme.

  • teddY-risatioN Delta

    teddY-risatioN™ Delta » Theme #6
    A total facelift for my blog. After getting tired of the previous theme that inherited most of the CSS styling from older themes (and thus the rather out-dated appearance), I’ve decided to create a new theme. Instead of trying in vain to get the php codes correct, I’ve used the WordPress Sandbox Theme as my starting point – all I did was just to insert CSS styles into the blank stylesheet. The icon navigation system was inspired by Adobe’s move to redesign it’s icons.

  • teddY-risatioN Gamma

    teddY-risatioN™ Gamma » Theme #5
    A theme designed groud-up with an idea of bringing colours and photos to my readers. This explains the rotating header image which is selected from 20 (and counting) images randomly. Six random flickr photos from my account are also displayed everytime you load the page. This theme forgoes 800*600 screen resolution compatiblity to accomodate a larger post container for wider (and larger!) photos.

  • teddY-risatioN Beta

    teddY-risatioN™ Beta » Theme #4
    With a code-name of Colour Burst, this theme aims to highlight post content by using a relatively darker backgroud. This theme is the first which incorporates a random Flickr image display on the header section. Significant changes from the previous theme are the revamped footer and header section. This theme is the last one that retains 800*600 compatibility. The very first XHTML valid theme.

  • teddY-risatioN Alpha

    teddY-risatioN™ Alpha » Theme #3
    Restyled and recoded groud-up and does not inhertied the old design of the previous two themes. Inspired by the Phoenix WordPress theme by N.Design Studio, the header section heavily resembles the original design but I’ve changed the details slightly to fit my personal preferences. The background is actually hand-drawn by me and subsequently scanned and photoshopped for the final fade-off effects.

  • teddY-risatioN Blue

    teddY-risatioN™ Blue » Theme #2
    My second customised WordPress theme, I’ve centered the colour scheme around one of my favourite colours – blue. I’ve incorporated a new navigation bar at the top of the page, with some interesting rollover effects using CSS. However, some people find the list of link rather spam-looking (I quite agree with that, it looks like some ad!), that’s why I’ve removed it for future themes.

  • teddY-risatioN Green

    teddY-risatioN™ Green » Theme #1
    My very first self-customised WordPress theme, based on my (rather limited) knowledge in CSS. The general layout and appearance are inspired by looking at Veerle’s blog theme, I find it clean and elegant. Of course I didn’t do a great job afterall, but hey, there’s something called first time for everyone huh? I’ve chosen the colour scheme green after finding that it actually quite suits the overall feel of the layout.

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